Monday, 26 September 2016

Novel Study

Novel Study - Lord of the Flies

Keeping a Notebook (GLO3)  50 marks

Directions:             Students will create and maintain a well-ordered notebook. Students will have a     page for each of the following:

Characters -             Keep an ongoing list of important characters. For each character, provide a brief description and a quotation either said by the character or said about the character (with a page number).

Symbols -             Keep an ongoing list of important symbols and a brief explanation of what each one symbolizes.

Concepts (Ideas) -            Keep an ongoing list of important concepts. These concepts will later be turned into themes.

Events -             This will be the largest section of your notebook. After each section (usually a chapter), write down a brief description of at least one important event that happens. Find and write down a short quotation about the event (with page number). Then write down the related concepts for that event. Finally, write down any important symbols related to that event and a very short analysis of those symbols.